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 Livres de la série du Docteur Robert Albo

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Date d'inscription : 25/02/2013

MessageSujet: Livres de la série du Docteur Robert Albo   Mer 19 Fév - 17:49

A vendre, en parfaite état, 6 livres en anglais du docteur Robert Albo :

Classic Magic with Apparatus Series

Volume 1
The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs

This is the 228 page book that started the important series of apparatus books and yet it is not clear it was intended to be the first of series as it dons no volume number. The first section is biographical detailing the Bamberg and Okito history which has many photographs of the Bamberg family. The apparatus sections follow which include descriptions of the magic apparatus and historical references to performance of the effect and each is well illustrated. The first 3 apparatus sections are organized by the time period in which from early 1900’s in New York to 1940’s working with Joe Berg and the 1950’s where Okito team up to make apparatus with Don Redmon. The book also covers productions, the Okito floating ball, and Illusions of Fu-Manchu. 1000 copies printed.

Volume 2
Classic Magic with Apparatus

This is the smallest of all the volumes with 208 pages. This volume covers block magic, drawer boxes, mirrors, cages, and has a section with miscellaneous magic. The blocks section is nearly half the book with various types of die boxes and other classics such as Squeeze-away blocks Vampire Block, Bewildering Blocks, and many more. This book includes 11 pages of full color photographs. 1000 copies printed.

Volume 3
More Classic Magic with Apparatus

Volume 3 is divided into 7 major sections. Chapter 1 is over 100 pages of card apparatus such rising card tricks, Find the Lady, Demon’s Head, Card Swords, and many others. Next is Coin Magic which covers many popular effect such as coin trays, coin wands, coin boxes, coin ladders, and more. Nest of Boxes is the subject of Chapter 3, which covers both assistant and no-assistant methods. The chapter on change bags covers the classic changes bags as well as changing trays and the exchange canister. In the Potpourri section there is some spill-over from Volume 2 including more block magic, cages, and more. Chapter 6 expands upon volume 1 with more Okito magic including 9 effects such as the leg chopper, various livestock productions, and more. The final chapter covers magic posters, which includes 41 color pages of posters. At the end, are 26 full color pages of magic apparatus. The books contains 361 total pages and also had 1000 total copies printed.

Volume 4
Further Classic Magic with Apparatus

This volume starts with an article on magic collectors and goes on to the “Okito Show” where the tricks and flow of the show are discussed in detail. Next up is “Rice and Confetti” apparatus including rice vanish chest, checker cabinet, rice tubes and more. “Balls, Bells, and Eggs” covers ball vases, billiard ball tricks (cabinets, stands), cups and ball, and many more. The Additions section covers some tricks from previous volumes categories such as more coin, card, block, and miscellaneous magic. The color section is extensive with well over 60 pages including picture of collections and individual tricks described in the preceding sections. 346 total pages. 700 copies printed.

Volume 9
Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus

After a long wait, Volume 9 emerged as an outlet of newly discovered, old magic that Albo has come across in the past several years. This volume also marked the beginning of the “Laboratories of Legedemain” series with the “Magic of Austria” and “Magic of Holland” featuring the magic of Hofzinser, Klingl, Okito and more. The “Magic of Holland” is nearly a book on its own with nearly 100 pages describing tricks and accessories such as “Okito’s Wonder Screen Production”, “Canary Production Cage”, “Oktio Tables”, “Girl on Ribbon Vanish”, “Redmon-Okito Rabbit Production”, “Mysterious Buddha” and more. Next sup is the “Now and Then” section with an assortment of apparatus such as Mikado’s “Silk Flight”, “Novelty Billiard Ball Stands”, “Coins in the Glass”, “Japanese Inexhaustible Box”, “Talking Skull” and “Walking through a Ribbon” mini-illusion. Color section contains 28 pages with 320 pages in all.

Volume 10
History and Mystery of Magic

This is departure from the typical Albo book in that nearly 200 of the 444 total pages are dedicated to history rather than apparatus. The history chapter includes the following sections:

Annals of the Priests, Magi, Jugglers, and Sorcerers - 2000 BC to 500 BC
The Ancient Art of Magic 500 BC-500 AD
World History - 476 A.D-1500 A.D.
The Father of Modern Day Magic – 1400-1700
Believe in Magic – 1600-1900
Now and Then – 1900-1950
Back into the Future – 1950-2050

Chapter 2, New-Old Magic, has an assortment of apparatus including “miracle Frame”, “Pigeon Transposition”, “Himber Pail”, and more. Chapter 3 is dedicated to French Magic Set by Jacques Voignier. Chapter 4 is an article on “The Writing of Wizards, 18 Milestones in the Literature of Magic” by Byron Walker. Chapter 5 is all about the “Micro Magic of Eddy Taytelbaum” by Gene Gonzalez. Finally, the last chapter covers Unusual and Stock Magic Posters” by Dom DiMento. There are 42 full color pages dedicated to magic posters and 57 color pages dedicated apparatus and magic sets.

Me contacter en MP.
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Livres de la série du Docteur Robert Albo
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